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Our attorneys assist hospital medical staff with credentialing and peer review

Our attorneys represent hospitals and individual physicians navigating their way through the complex credentialing process, which often involves various boards and review panels verifying that medical staff members have the necessary training, experience and licenses. We also handle cases involving routine recertification and investigations involving a medical staff member's credentials due to a complaint filed by a patient.

If a surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse or other medical staff members does not have the necessary state or federal credentials to perform their job, your hospital or health care provider could be in violation of numerous state and federal laws. As a result, your hospital or health care provider could be subject to legal action, including a lawsuit for providing unlicensed medical care. In addition, many insurance companies will likely refuse to reimburse your business for medical services performed by an unlicensed medical staff member.

With so much at stake, it is important to seek legal advice if you're dealing with any legal issues associated with your staff's medical credentials. Arrange a consultation with Torkildson Katz, A Law Corporation.

And just because your company went through the credentialing process when you recruited and hired a new physician does not mean you're finished. All hospitals and most physicians must go through some sort of certification or credentialing process every few years or even annually in certain circumstances.