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Hawaii Income and General Excise Tax Matters

Our experienced income tax attorneys are familiar with the state's unique tax laws

Unlike many states, Hawaii does not have a sales tax. Instead, the state imposes a General Excise Tax (GET). The GET is much broader than a typical retail sales tax - it applies to income from services, rental income, and even interest income.  Many non-profit organizations are subject to GET on some of their activities.  Almost every business pays Hawaii's GET, which is based on gross receipts. The City & County of Honolulu imposes an additional GET surcharge, which is being used for construction of the Honolulu Rail Transit Project.  Our attorneys have extensive experience with the complex rules and regulations created for businesses involving Hawaii's GET.

Legal Issues Involving Income Taxes, General Excise Taxes in Hawaii

It can be hard to navigate Hawaii's tax laws, but we can help you break through the confusion. We can also work with your business if you're being audited. We understand what's at stake. That's why we want to work with your company to address the situation and resolve the matter in an efficient, effective manner.