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2015 Employment Law Update Presented by Torkildson, Katz

On Monday, April 6, 2015, the Law Office of Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris presented and sponsored the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce's 2015 Employment Law Update.  Topics included:

  • Hiring Decisions Made Harder:  Shimose v. Hawaii Health Systems (1/16/15) Hawaii's arrest & court record requirements narrowed - Joseph A. Ernst
  • Why you need good reasons to not hire or fire: Adams v. CDM Media USA (2/24/15)Providing legitimate business reasons in a prima facie case - John S. Mackey
  • Communicating with Employees - Why talking Matters:  Union avoidance, etc. - Jeffrey S. Harris and Christine K. David
  • Employee Misconduct and the ADA - When is an impairment a disability and when is it an excuse for misconduct or poor performance:  The Ninth Circuit rules explained - John L. Knorek and Austin F. McCullough

Mahalo to all who attended!

2015.04.06 Employment Law Update photo

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