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Arbitration Defense for Management

We effectively resolve labor disputes in a timely, cost-effective manner

Arbitration increasingly has become an effective way for companies to resolve labor and employment disputes. But arbitrations can be complicated. Choosing a neutral arbitrator can be contentious. So can agreeing on which items need to be resolved. As a result, reaching an agreement through binding arbitration often takes a tremendous amount of skill and expertise.

At Torkildson Katz, A Law Corporation, we are aware of the pitfalls and traps that can stall or derail arbitrations. Our attorneys also are aware of the opportunities that arbitrations often present. That's why we want to put our knowledge and experience to work for your company. Our firm handles many different types of labor arbitration cases in Hawaii, including interest arbitration and rights arbitration cases.

What Role Can An Arbitration Defense Attorney Play For Management?

Helping your company choose a neutral arbitrator is just one way our law firm can assist you. Gathering evidence to present to an arbitrator is another essential part of the arbitration process. Our meticulous attorneys know how to carefully research arbitration cases and write arbitration hearing briefs. We understand the Federal Arbitration Act and the Hawaii Uniform Arbitration Act, know what documents to include in evidence for an arbitration and how to present this information to an arbitrator in a clear, compelling manner.

The future of your business could hinge on the outcome of an arbitrator's decision. Contact our law firm and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced arbitration attorneys in Honolulu or Hilo, Hawaii. Your business' best interests matter to us.