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Defense in False Claims Act and Qui Tam Actions

Our attorneys protect the rights of health care providers facing serious allegations

Health care providers accused of violating the False Claims Act or Hawaii's qui tam laws need to take strong legal action. This often includes compiling documentation showing you did not defraud the government and commit Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud. Our experienced attorneys at Torkildson Katz, A Law Corporation, have years of experience handling such complex cases involving issues related to fraud and abuse analysis and compliance.

Since the passage of the False Claims Act in 1863, the federal government has financially rewarded whistleblowers who report allegations of government fraud, often in the form of a qui tam lawsuit. In terms of health care, whistleblowers often anonymously report allegations of Medicaid fraud or Medicare fraud. We can investigate the accuracy of such accusations, which often include:

  • Billing for medical services not performed
  • Overbilling for medical services
  • Upcoding (billing for more expensive medical services)
  • Falsifying billing records submitted to government
  • Providing unnecessary medical services
  • Failing to maintain adequate documentation to support charges submitted to the Medicare or Medicaid program

You can rely on us for help. We will be your voice and your advocate. We can take legal action on your behalf, including filing a request to have the allegations dismissed and proving your company complied with the False Claims Act and did not defraud the government. We also have experience appealing rulings at the appellate court level. Your business' best interests are our top priority.