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Certificate of Need

We help health care providers obtain certificates of need throughout the Hawaiian Islands

Planning to expand your health care facility in Hawaii? Want to purchase an existing health care provider or open a new health care facility in Hawaii? In most cases, you likely will need to obtain a Certificate of Need (CON) from the State of Hawaii, Department of Health State Health Planning & Development Agency (SHPDA).

Our experienced Hawaii certificate of need attorneys at Torkildson Katz, A Law Corporation, can help your company with your Hawaii CON application. The application process may take 90 days or more to complete, depending on the complexity of the project and the degree of community support it has. We can represent your company at the three review panels that normally review such applications. These three panels are:

  • Certificate of Need (CON) Review Panel
  • Statewide Health Coordinating Council (SHCC)
  • Subarea Health Planning Councils (SACs)

The advisory panels and state officials review each application based on several criteria:

  • Need for the proposal
  • Financial impact of the proposal
  • Quality of care proposed
  • Relationship of proposal to existing health care providers

Public input is also sought for all Hawaii CON applications, which must then receive final approval from the SHPDA administrators. And every step of the way, we can be there for you, guiding your CON application toward approval and offering you sound legal advice.

When appropriate we can also advise as to whether you qualify to use the more streamlined administrative review process or to seek a waiver from the CON requirement.