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Liquor and Administrative Licensing

Our meticulous attorneys represent hotels, restaurants, retailers and other hospitality businesses

Obtaining a liquor license in Hawaii can often be a complicated, lengthy, expensive process. Getting a new liquor license or transferring an existing license from one business to another may take several months, according to the four (4) Hawaii Liquor Commissions.

When you secure the license, you need to ensure you don't lose it. In Hawaii, companies that want to ensure compliance with government rules and regulations turn to Torkildson, Katz, Hetherington, Harris & Knorek, Attorneys at Law. Newton J. Chu and Vaughn G.T. Cook have years of experience working with hotels, resorts, restaurants, retailers and distributors applying to obtain a liquor license or dealing with the issues related to a liquor license violation.

We represent clients in the hospitality and food service industries to ensure compliance with state and county statutes and regulations. Contact us if you need legal guidance with any of the following common administrative licensing issues:

  • All licensing issues involved in the sale of alcohol
  • Obtaining liquor licenses in all Hawaii jurisdictions
  • Hawaii Department of Health violations
  • Obtaining tax clearance approvals from the Hawaii Department of Taxation for a liquor license application or renewal
  • Other applicable state or county licenses or permits

We can assist your company if you're being audited or investigated due to a variety of administrative issues, including questions concerning taxation-related issues and formal audits by the Internal Revenue Service or Hawaii Department of Taxation. Your business matters here.