Chamber Desk Manual

Labor and Employment Law for Hawaii Employers®

Torkildson, Katz, Hetherington, Harris & Knorek welcomes you to the home page of the online version of The Chamber Desk Manual: Labor and Employment Law for Hawaii Employers. The Chamber Desk Manual contains more than 30 chapters of comprehensive and updated descriptions of federal and Hawaii labor and employment laws and issues. It is authored by the Hawaii law firm of Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris to provide Hawaii employers with a practical reference manual to use when confronted with the ever-changing nature of employment-related challenges of running a business. Clients may request access by contacting their TK Attorney. You can download the Chamber Desk Manual by clicking on the image below.

2018-2019 Chamber Desk Manual cover


Click on the links below for handouts from the 2015 Hawaii Employment Law Seminar:

Avoiding Costly Discrimination Claims- Jeffrey S. Harris, Joseph A. Ernst and Christine Belcaid

Legal Issues Terminating "At-Will" Employees- John L. Knorek, John S. Mackey, Kendra K. Kawai and Jennifer L. Gitter

Avoiding Discovery Disasters: Preserving Key Evidence in Employment Claims- Brian W. Tilker, Austin F. McCullough and Adam D. Wentz

Wage & Hour Update: Wage Theft and AAP Changes- John L. Knorek, Kendra K. Kawai and Christine Belcaid

Immigration: Dream or Nightmare?- Newton J. Chu and Vaughn G.T. Cook

Terminations: Practical Tips & Settlement Agreements- Jeffrey S. Harris, Joseph A. Ernst and John S. Mackey

Employee Leaves of Absences Under FMLA & Disability- John L. Knorek, Austin F. McCullough and Nathalie Pettit

Lessons Learned from the Courts Since 2014- Jeffrey S. Harris, Adam D. Wentz and Jennifer L. Gitter

What You Need to Know About Internal Investigations- John S. Mackey, Joseph A. Ernst and Lincoln S. Ashida

The ACA and Obamacare: What Employers Need to Know- Laura D. Anderson, Vaughn G. T. Cook and Jennifer L.Z. Ontai

Ambush Elections and NLRB Guidance- Jeffrey S. Harris and Christine Belcaid