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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation and more - our attorneys can help

Our knowledgeable, Hawaii business litigation attorneys at Torkildson Katz, A Law Corporation, have extensive experience resolving business disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Some of the most common types of ADR include:

  • Arbitration - Arbitration generally means choosing an independent, neutral arbitrator to resolve a dispute. The rules of evidence for arbitration hearings versus a court trial can be very different. Even so, most arbitration decisions are legally binding.
  • Early neutral evaluation (ENE) - Soon after a case has been filed with a court, a neutral and objective evaluator can evaluate the merits of a case. ENE is usually an informal process and not legally binding, but the feedback from a neutral, independent and objective evaluation often may assist the parties in reaching a settlement.
  • Mediation - Similar to arbitration, but not binding, mediation often involves a neutral, third-party mediator chosen by both sides to help resolve a dispute. Typically, the mediator does not make a decision - the mediator's job is to help the parties arrive at an agreement.
  • Mini trial - Such trials often involve each side presenting a short version of their case to a panel chosen by both parties (or by a neutral agency). Many large businesses increasingly use mini trials to resolve disputes that could otherwise involve trials lasting for months.

There's often more than one way to resolve a legal dispute. Find out which option best suits your business. Schedule an appointment with one of our innovative, experienced attorneys.